Frequent Asked Questions:

Q:     How reliable is a heat pump?

A:      A heat pump uses the same refrigerant cycle as a domestic refrigerator except in reverse and offers the same life expectancy of a refrigerator. Each unit is factory tested and carries a 12-month warranty against factory defects.

Q:     Will my heat pump work if the temperatures go below 0oC?

A:      Yes the units are designed to be able to work to temperatures as low as –15oC. Performance will however be reduced therefore it will take longer to heat the water than at 20oC.

Q:     Will a heat pump make my water hot enough?

A:      A Sirac heat pump can heat the water up to 60oC. Temperatures are normally set at 55oC, which is more efficient.

Q:     Do I still need to use the geyser element?

A:      No, as long as the temperature is above –15oC the heat pump will produce heat so there is no need for back-up elements as with a solar geyser. The elements can be left in the geyser along with the thermostat and can be switched on manually should there be a problem with the heat pump.

Q:     Can I use my heat pump to heat up more than 1 geyser?

A:      Yes, if the geysers are not too far apart they can be linked in series and heated by one heat pump. It also depends on the size of the heat pump that you have and the size of the geysers and how much water is being used on a daily basis.

Q:     How long will it take a heat pump to heat up my geyser?

A:      A 4.7kw heat pump will heat 110L per hour from 20oC to 55oC and a 3kw heat pump will do 85L per hour. A well-matched system will take about the same length of time to reheat a geyser as an electrical element.